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Softball is more than a sport.


Cheryl grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and has been playing softball since she was six.  A graduate of Central Bucks High School East, Cheryl pitched every inning of every game her entire high school career.  During the summers she was fortunate to travel all over the country and even to Canada playing the sport.


Cheryl's college career brought her to the Division 1 program at the University of Delaware where she was a four year starter and captain both her Junior and Senior years.  She then went on to earn her Master's degree in Education at Temple University while assisting the team as their  pitching coach.

Having worked with her father, Mike Richino, at pitching camps while a teenager it is not surprising that she now trains pitchers herself.  Cheryl has been teaching pitchers for over 20 years and her students have gone on to play college ball at all levels. 

"It has always been my belief that the pitching motion should be smooth and natural, allowing girls to use their bodies in a way that is comfortable, safe and effective. This evolution of pitching has brought my students to a whole new level." 


But to Cheryl, softball is more than a sport.  "It is an opportunity to build character and relationships.  Time on the field can be tough, but it is a great way to learn life's difficult lessons in a super fun setting.  And the focus should be on fun.  I believe that every time the ball leaves a pitcher's hand, it should be a great and joyful experience.  That is what keeps them working and playing hard."

Coach McClure grew up and still lives in Lower Bucks county. He played football and graduated from Pennsbury High School in 1992 and played one year of college football at Lycoming College. He is currently a Software Engineer for NYC based television advertising technology company. He first became involved in softball when his daughter Ainsley asked to play. During her first year she expressed interest in learning to pitch and he began working with Ainsley and her coaches on teaching her to pitch and learning how to teach pitching. She now pitches for the Pennsbury Gems 12u team and works with Coach Cheryl for pitching. 


“We chose Cheryl as a pitching coach because we were looking for a pitching style that taught to the strengths of women and teaches a style that minimizes injury and seeks to make pitching fun and effortless.” He became interested in teaching this style to others after witnessing so many young pitchers become frustrated and struggle with unnatural mechanics. Gary has been married to his wife Nicole for 17+ years. They currently reside in Historical Fallsington.


Owner/Instructor, Cheryl Flavin, was immediately impressed with Gary’s ability to break down the pitching motion and how to use the body in the most effective and efficient way possible. “We receive so many inquiries from parents, coaches and pitchers about how we can help pitchers who want to start pitching with the most up to date, progressive style or who have plateaued in their progress.  We want to have the best possible staff to help them overcome obstacles and see improvements in speed, control and movement.  I was easy to see how much coach McClure could help. I have been hoping Gary would join me in helping pitchers reach their full potential and could not be happier that he has decided to be part of the POWher pitch team!”


We are excited about what Gary can bring to our pitchers.  His patient, thoughtful and positive approach to the pitching process has proven to help tremendously with his own daughter and will surely benefit his students. 



Gretchen Koenig Sloan

Gretchen started her softball career locally at Council Rock High School in Newtown, PA.   She led the team to winning the State Championship and earned her way into the CRHS hall of fame.  With accolades including two-time first team all suburban one, two time all state selection, and Courier times player of the year, it is no wonder her #9 jersey was retired.  She was the first Council Rock softball player to receive a full athletic scholarship.


She went on to be a four-year starter at the University of South Carolina from 1985-1988.  During that time she dominated earning various all-tournament and MVP honors.  Career highlights there include competing in the NCAA D1 regional softball tournament, earning First Team All South Region and NCAA Division One ALL AMERICAN honors in 1988.


Gretchen’s coaching experience is equally impressive.  She worked as a pitching coach at the University of South Carolina from 1988-1989.  After returning to the Bucks County area she continued to coach at the George school and then at her alma mater, Council Rock. She has coached at various softball camps and clinics throughout her career always focusing on the techniques and fundamentals of fastpitch pitching.


Gretchen works with pitchers of all ages with the goal to help mold and inspire dedicated pitchers to be the best they can be on and off the field.  Owner/Instructor Cheryl Flavin is excited about Gretchen joining the team. “My father once brought me to watch Gretchen play when she was in high school.  She is as inspirational of an instructor now as she was a role model then. Our students are so fortunate to have someone with her experience.  We are excited to work together to contribute to our pitchers’ success.”

Cheryl instructing student Ainsley at the first lesson in the new facility.
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